About Us

Who is RAI Training

We are a team of experienced professionals here to help you get the certifications you need as easy as possible.

What we can do for you

As you may know, the government often doesn’t make it easy for you to get your training & certification.
That is why we are here to help! 

Weekly / Monthly Testing

Most people are busy and cannot afford to waste time. Don’t worry! We can help you get ready and schedule your test at the next earliest date possible. 

Who We Are &
How We Can Help You

Here at RAI Training our team has 1 mission. To help you get your certifications as fast and easy as possible. Our  main goal is to provide you with high-quality, on-demand training instruction through our real-life expertise in the field of construction, health and safety, and accident prevention. We also cater to various employer-specific requirements, to ensure compliance with the laws governing respective industries.

We are committed to providing our students with the best possible training and services while also offering all clients with the highest level of service and value. Our hands-on, in-classroom training provides a comprehensive learning experience, giving our students the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in various industries. Our goal is to provide our students with the best possible training, so they can build their careers in their respective fields and become leaders in their fields.


Where we are located

RAI Training is located in the heart of Queens,  New York

With over 30 years of professional experience working here in NYC our experts know the “Ins and Outs” that will help you get you what you need while saving you time, money, and often frustration from dealing with the laws and regulations.